Hand-Tied Extensions

hand-tied extensions

Hand Tied Extensions are the most highly requested extension method out on the market. At The Mane Society we specialize in invisible bead extensions and the Kacey welch method. They are the most natural looking and least damaging. The term hand tied refers to the actual wefts used for the application. The technique of the extension, which is done by sewing the extension wefts onto your natural hair, using no glue, no tape or heat to attach the hand tied wefts to your hair.

Most first-time clients can expect to invest $950-$2,600 for us to work together. A non-refundable $500-$800 deposit is required to hold and make the appointment. The deposit is used towards your initial investment. Once I receive your application, I will contact you via text where we will have our consultation, and discuss if hand tied extensions are right for you and give you a more accurate estimate.

fill out application

less damage

hides better

no slip

no glue, no tape, no heat

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why hand-tied extensions?




Can't get your hair to grow ? Does your hair lack body?

With hand-tied extensions you can add 1-3 rows for length and fullness or just fullness

Fill out the form below to see if hand-tied extensions are right for you!


**Prices are estimates and in order to get a more accurate quote you must fill out the application below. DO NOT fill out application if you are not ready to commit to these price points**

1-1.5 rows 18"
1-1.5 rows 22"

2-2.5 rows 18"
2-2.5 rows 22"

3 rows 18"
3 rows 22"

yay! get excited,you are one step closer to getting the hair you've always wanted !
i will be contacting you soon

in the meantime, i will be needing 3 photos from you once i reach out to you. 1 picture of the back of your hair,1 picture of the front and 1 or more inspo pictures for what you're wanting your end goal to be :) 
This will help me give you the best possible estimate.
email them to amy@manesuite@gmail.com


how much are extenions?

Hand tied extensions are a premium service so they come at a premium cost. In order to best quote you, you must fill out the application above. Once you submit the application i will get in contact with you, i will have you send me pictures of your current hair and inspirations picture. Once i've received those i will quote you an estimate. Hair Extensions range from $950-$1600. Note that shorter lengths are much less.

are hair extensions for me? how many rows do i need?

Hair extensions can be for everyone. If you are looking for just fullness, most of the time all that is needed is one row.For length and fullness you need minimum of 2 rows - max 3 rows.

how often do i have to maintain hair extensions?

For hand-tied hair extensions maintience is required every 8-10 weeks. Hair extensions are a commitment and you must be commited to maintaining them and coming into the salon every 8-10 weeks.

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